Invest in ethics and compliance because you want to …

  • Send a clear message that your organization conducts business with integrity.
  • Identify the top ethics and compliance risks that could threaten your reputation and long-term survival and take steps to mitigate them.
  • Foster an environment where people will raise issues, so you can resolve them before they balloon into a crisis.
  • Rest assured that your ethics and compliance program meets the standards outlined in the US Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations and/or the US Federal Acquisition Regulation, if you are a US government contractor.
  • Create an ethical culture and a work environment in which people are treated with respect and fairness.

Engage Ethics Works
because of our …

  • Experience tailoring creative and practical ethics and compliance strategies to a variety of organizational cultures, sizes, and budgets.
  • 15 years of US defense industry experience, including 9+ years as Chief Ethics Officer in a Fortune 100 aerospace and defense company.
  • Conviction that you can leverage your ethics and compliance program as a valuable tool to manage your business more effectively.
  • Ability to deliver high quality within a reasonable fee structure.
  • Extensive network of consulting and legal experts to call upon if specialized capabilities are needed to augment our own.
  • Experience building collaboration among HR, Legal, Security, Internal Audit, and other functions with key ethics and compliance roles.